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Being rebellious is fun

I made an appointment for an hour from now to get my hair cut and colored. YES! I love getting my hair done.

I really really want her to dye it black. To me that is the ultimate rebellion. Hehehe...I'm such a brat. I love having black hair and it bugs the crap out of my mom. Basically, it's a win win situation. ^__^

Besides, my roots won't show when it starts growing out. Why? Because my natural color is like a faded black.

I ordered my Korean books last night and they should be here by tomorrow. Sweet, I can actually follow along and do my homework. I appreciate your help, K-dub...and Mazak.

*snickers* I keep listening to Scandal and picturing Kristy and I having a street race (in sexy cars, of course), to see who wins Rain.

I watched the first episode of My Girl on YouTube last night. It's so funny, and the main female character kind of reminds me of you, K-dub. She's so funny...and I have quasi claimed the main guy. He's my kind of character.

Oh yeah, I just had some of the rice I bought yesterday. It's SO delicious. I have to buy a lot more next time we go down.

Okay...that's enough from me. I'm going to go hang out and then go to my appointment.
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Genjo Sanzo Hero

Ah...Captain Gackt

It's still the 30th here...so I'm still going to wish Matsumoto Jun Happy Birthday.


I just watched Hana Kimi 8...I think it's one of the funniest episodes. Then, for kicks I put on Gackt's newest video, Returner. It makes me want to pick up my katana and start a war. If you haven't watched it live...you're missing out. He's wearing an eye patch...Captain Gackt.

Pfft, my younger cousin is watching Naruto on t.v. It's the episode where Sasuke shows off the move he stole from Lee. *sigh* That was so long ago for me.

I watched the Biggest Loser for a while today and felt inspired to work harder at the gym. And so I did. I can feel it already. I ran more than I usually do on the treadmill and I walked/ran 1.65 miles. Yaaay!!

I actually ate a good meal too. Yay for me!!

On the bad side, I think I lost my debit card. I bought something at the gas station today and I think I threw it out when I tossed my reciept. Craaaaaap...

I'll just have to call the bank tomorrow and let them know.

*runs off with her katana*
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Happy Tsuzuki

All kinds of news

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It's been an interesting, but long day.

My left arm is SO sore because Molly bought a Wii and left it here until she buys a t.v. I played tennis, baseball, and bowling on Wii Sports, and yeah, sore arm.

So, work was painful because well, I have to use both arms.

I got a phone call from someone at UW-Waukesha and apparently I'm going to have a one on one registration with the Adult Student Counselor. My tests are going to be hand corrected and mailed out asap so I am ready to go next Wednesday. I would have had to wait until May 30th to register normally, but they thought the adult students would like the one on one deal. Rock on.

Not long after that I hear sirens right outside my house. I went out to look and saw a guy laying on the ground surrounded by paramedics and there were about 5 police cars parked around the site. From what I heard, his (girl?)friend tried to shove him out of the car and his leg got caught. So, he was dragged. I'm not sure how far, but he wasn't standing when the paramedics were checking him out.

What amused me is I was told this by a nearby neighbor...who was Asian. Go figure, I find probably the only Asian person in my neighborhood. Speaking of which, Chung at work, decided to speak Chinese to me. It was only "Hello" and "See you later", but I feel dumb. I need to study.


NEW ARASHI PV!!! *bounces in her chair* I loves it!

New drama with Jun...and subtitles...*squees more*
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Koibito Jun

Having a grand old time

I love my Ipod. Whomever came up with these is a genius. Thankfully the accessories don't cost as much as the Ipod itself.

I uploaded a lot of songs and grabbed some videos, and podcasts of the Dog Whisperer.

Oh, I finally got a picture of Precious. She was out and about instead of under my bed.

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Everyone is telling me I should just keep her. She small and my grandfather isn't exactly objecting because he knows if she's taken to the Humane Society and isn't adopted, what will happen.

Bleh, I'm tired...I'm going to sleep...with my Ipod

....Just Kidding! ....sort of...
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Koibito Jun

Because I love to spam your journals

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I like that quote.

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That couldn't be any more true.

You guys have to check this out. I thought it was pretty interesting. Jerry Yan is in it near the end...

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Koibito Jun

My new journal

This was once a journal for just me and a few people, and has now grown. I love Koyasu and all his dorkiness, so I will be using this journal from now on. While I'm here, I might as well spam my community. samurai_7

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I welcome any and all new friends. Beware! I do post often, so if you're looking for someone to spam your friends page, you've come to the right place. I'm not really picky about people commenting to be added so just feel free to add! The more the merrier!

P.S. I like having friends for a long time. I've never deleted any friends from my list
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